Technical Sessions (PDF version)
Advances in Networks and Internet
Sponsoring Technical Committees
High Speed Networking (HSN)
Internet (ITC)
Communications Switching and Routing
AN01--High speed and parallel processing for routers
AN02--Peer-to-peer networking
AN03--Traffic Engineering I
AN04--Emerging services
AN06--Application Oriented Overlay
AN07--Traffic engineering II
AN08--Traffic Management
AN09--Congestion Control
AN1p--Advances in Networks and Internet (1)
AN2p--Advances in Networks and Internet (2)
Communications QoS, Reliability, and Performance Modeling
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Communications Quality and Reliability
Communications Systems Integration & Modeling
CQ01--Traffic Control Mechanism
CQ02--Traffic Control and Analysis
CQ03--Network Traffic Engineering
CQ04--QoS and Traffic Control
CQ05--Network Reliability and Protection
CQ06--Network Design
CQ07--Performance Modeling
CQ08--Wireless Network Modeling
CQ09--Wireless Traffic Control and QoS
CQ10--QoS in Emerging Wireless Networks
CQ1p--Communication QoS, Reliability, and Performance Modeling (1)
CQ2p--Communication QoS, Reliability, and Performance Modeling (2)
CQ3p--Communication QoS, Reliability, and Performance Modeling (3)
Communication Theory
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Communication Theory
CT01--Channel Capacity
CT02--Cooperative Communication I
CT03--Cooperative Communication II
CT04--Cognitive Radio
CT05--Wireless Networks
CT06--Cooperative Communication III
CT07--LDPC and Turbo Codes
CT08--Coding and Modulation I
CT09--Coding and Modulation II
CT10--MIMO Theory
CT11--Fading Channels I
CT13--Fading Channels II
CT1p--Fading Channels III
CT2p--Communication Theory
Communication Software and Services
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Communications Software
Multimedia Communications
Communications Switching and Routing
CS01--Multimedia applications and services
CS02--Software and Protocol Technologies
CS03--Network and Service Management, Provisioning and QoS
CS1p--Fixed and mobile service platforms
Information and Network Security
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Computer and Information
IS01--Sensor and Ad-hoc Network Security
IS02--Data Security and Analysis
IS03--Authentication Services
IS04--Trust Management and Cryptography
IS05--Detection and Analysis of Worms and Attacks
IS06--Traffic Classification and Detection
IS07--Security Protocols
IS08--Distributed Security and Denial-of- Service Attacks
IS1p--Authentication and Information Sharing
IS2p--Network and Application Security
Optical Networks and Systems
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Optical Networking Technical Committee (ONTC)
Technical Committee on Transmission, Access, and Optical Systems (TAOS)
Technical Committee on Communications Switching and Routing (TC CSR)
ON01-- Protection and Restoration
ON02--Optical Access Networks and Optical-Wireless Systems
ON03--Optical Burst Switching
ON04--Network Design, Routing and Grooming
ON05--Survivability in Optical Networks
ON06--Optical Packet Switching and Switch Fabric Architectures
ON07--Network Design and Traffic Engineering
ON1p--Optical Networks and Systems (1)
ON2p--Optical Networks and Systems (2)
Signal Processing for Communications
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Signal Processing and Communications Electronics (SPCE) Technical Committee
SP01-- Advanced Topics in Signal Processing 1
SP02--Advanced Topics in Signal Processing 2
SP03--Multimedia Signal Processing
SP04--Channel Estimation & Equalization 1
SP05--Channel Estimation & Equalization 2
SP06--Channel Estimation & Equalization 3
SP07--OFDM 1
SP08--OFDM 2
SP09--OFDM 3
SP10--MIMO 1
SP11--MIMO 2
SP12--Detection Techniques
SP13-- Multi Antenna Systems
SP1p--Signal Processing for Wireless Systems 1
SP2p--Signal Processing for Wireless Systems 2
SP3p--Signal Processing for Wireless Systems 3
Wireless Communications
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Technical Committee on Personal Communication (TCPC)
Radio Communications Committee (RCC)
Peer-to-peer Networking and Communications Subcommittee of Emerging Technologies Committee (P2PTC)
WC02--Multi-user MIMO I,
WC03--Adaptive Modulation
WC04--Cognitive Radio I
WC07--Multi-user MIMO II,
WC08--Delay Optimal Design
WC09--Cognitive Radio II
WC13--Opportunistic Scheduling
WC14--Relay Networks I
WC19-- Two-way relay networks
WC21-- Space-Time Coding I
WC23--Resource Allocation I
WC24--Cognitive Radio III
WC25--Space-Time Coding II
WC26--Multi-user MIMO III
WC27--Resource Allocation II
WC28--Cognitive Radio IV
WC29-- Localization & ToA Estimation
WC31--Sensor Networks I
WC32--Relay Networks II
WC35--Sensor Networks II
WC36--Relay Networks III
WC37--Channel Characterization
WC38--Channel Coding/Decoding
WC40--Wireless Networks
WC41--Cooperative Communications
WC42--Performance Analysis
WC43--Capacity Analysis
WC45--Resource Allocation III
WC1p-- Medium Access
WC2p--Topics in MC and UWB Communications
WC3p--Wireless Systems
WC4p--Wireless Networks I
WC5p--Wireless Networks II
WC6p--Cooperation & Relaying
WC7p--Topics in Wireless Communications
WC9p-- Channel Estimation & Equalization
WC10p-- MIMO
Wireless Networking
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Technical Committee on Personal Communications (TCPC)
Radio Communications Committee (RCC)
Technical Committee on Ad hoc and Sensor Networks(AHSN)
WN01--Wireless Sensor Networks I
WN02--Wireless Ad hoc Networks I
WN03--Mobility and Handoff
WN04--Wireless Sensor Networks II
WN05--Wireless Ad hoc Networks II
WN06--Cross-layer design in wireless networks
WN07--Wireless Sensor Networks III
WN08--Wireless Ad hoc Networks III
WN09--Cognitive Radio Networks
WN10--Wireless Sensor Networks IV
WN11--Wireless Ad hoc Networks IV
WN12--Modeling and Analysis of IEEE 802.11-Based WLANs I
WN13--Resource Management in WLANs I
WN14--Modeling and Analysis of IEEE 802.11-Based WLANs II
WN15--IEEE 802.16/WiMAX Networks I
WN16--Resource Management in WLANs II
WN17--Modeling and Analysis of IEEE 802.11-Based WLANs III
WN18--IEEE 802.16/WiMAX Networks II
WN19--Wireless Sensor Networks V
WN20--Security Issues in Wireless Networks I
WN21--Network Designs and Protocols
WN22--Wireless Sensor Networks VI
WN23--Security Issues in Wireless Networks II
WN24--Wireless Mesh Networks I
WN25--QoS and Resource Management in Wireless Networks
WN26--Modeling and Performance Analysis I
WN27--Wireless Mesh Networks II
WN28--Modeling and Performance Analysis II
WN29--Cooperative Communication and Networking
WN30--Wireless Mesh Networks III
WN1p--resource management for WLAN
WN2p--wireless sensor networks
WN3p--wireless ad hoc and mesh networks
WN4p--cognitive radio networks
WN5p--Topics in wireless networks (1)
WN6p--Topics in wireless networks (2)
General Symposium
Sponsoring Technical Committees
Transmission, Access, and Optical Systems(TAOS)
Satellite and Space Communication (SSC)
Communications Switching and Routing (CSR)
GS01--Satellite Communications
GS02--Satellite Networking
GS03--Multimedia Satellite Systems
GS04--Data Storage Technologies
GS05--Multimedia Broadcasting Technologies
GS06--ORT Other Related Technologies
GS1p--Topics in Communications
  Mini Conference
EM01--Innovation Capability Development and Competativeness
EM02--technology Integration and Sector Innovation
EM03--Innovation and Supply Chain Management
EM04--Innovation and Project management